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After completing a BA Hons in Music in 2011, I began working as an Administrator for the Cambridge-based classical artist management company Hazard Chase Ltd. I was soon promoted to Office Manager, progressing to Office and Marketing Manager, and finally becoming an Associate Director in 2018. I oversaw HR, office management, marketing, social media, graphic design, and the company website, and assisted the Managing Director and Board of Directors. 


After 9 years at Hazard Chase, I decided to begin a new challenge as a Virtual Assistant. I work with creative companies/individuals in the arts, providing support in website management and graphic design, allowing my clients the freedom to focus on selling / performing / writing / filming / composing, and promoting their work. 


My career to date has given me experience in many areas of business, allowing me to offer you a wide range of skills, and I am excited to be able to assist you in growing your company/career and making your vision a reality.

Credit: George Chinn


Providing cost-effective administrative support, a Virtual Assistant works remotely as your Personal Assistant, taking on the tasks currently filling your day which are preventing you from being able to focus on growing your business.

By hiring a VA you will benefit from:

No payroll or HR expenses

Increased flexibility

No holiday pay

No NI contributions

No equipment costs

No office space costs


I am passionate about creating attractive, functional and unique branded website for artists. I work with you to build a page which reflects your image, and gives your fans and supporters the information they need to be up to date with your success.

I then offer ongoing management, keeping the site up to date with news, reviews, concert dates, media and more. 

There would be a one-off fee for the build, followed by PAYG billing by the hour for ongoing management. 

Have a look at my portfolio for some examples of my work.

Work Desk


Email marketing campaigns

and press releases.

£35 per hour

Design Webpage


Website design and management, graphic/document design, and video editing.

£35 per hour

Checking Text on a Document


Proofreading and editing reports, presentations, and other documents.

£35 per hour



10 hours per month

(minimum of 3 months)

based on £35 per hour with a 10% discount




20 hours per month

(minimum of 3 months)

based on £35 per hour with a 15% discount




30 hours per month

(minimum of 3 months)

based on £35 per hour with a 20% discount



Keyboard and Mouse

My style of working centres around being proactive rather than reactive. I take the initiative, thinking of my client’s needs ahead of time, clearing your path for productivity and progress within your business. During my career I have worked with all types of people, from creative minds, process driven people, to practical thinkers, and I relish the opportunity of moulding myself to best suit my client’s style of working. All the above is achieved through clear, strong communication, setting us up for speed and efficiency when stabilising and growing your business to meet your vision.

This is always done with a friendly smile. I enjoy building long-term relationships with my clients built on trust, helping to create a friendly, positive working environment. What is the point in running your own business if you do not laugh along the journey?!



  • Alpesh Chauhan

  • Artium Media Relations

  • Benjamin Grosvenor

  • Biggleswade and District Choral Society

  • Carlos Izcaray

  • City of London Choir

  • Concert Diary

  • Daniel Hyde

  • Doris & Bertie Writing School

  • Eagle & Beagle

  • East Bedfordshire Chamber Choir

  • Eric Whitacre

  • Evercore Pan Asset Capital Management

  • Hazard Chase Ltd

  • James Brown Management

  • Jocelyn Lightfoot - CEO of LCO

  • Jon Aaron - Meditation Instructor

  • Julian Bliss

  • Leonard Elschenbroich

  • Locrian Chamber Choir

  • London Chamber Orchestra

  • Mason Bates

  • Music Productions Ltd

  • Orchid Classics

  • PostureWorx

  • Quite Great PR

  • The Tallis Scholars

  • Trio Gaspard

  • Vache Baroque Festival

  • Vashti Hunter


Website creation & management​

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • WordPress

  • Web Flow


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Canva

Online course platforms

  • Udemy

  • Teachable

Email marketing

  • Mailchimp

  • SurveyMonkey

Video editing & publishing

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Vimeo

Proposal software

  • Better Proposals

Diary Management

  • Overture

  • Asana

  • Google Calendar

  • Notion

  • Trello


Dr Clare Lynch

Founder / Director

Doris & Bertie

"Emma is a self-motivated multi-tasker who we now couldn't do without. It's been such a relief to be able to entrust her with all the essential little jobs that were distracting us from growing our business. She's also a lovely, sunny and enthusiastic person to have on our team. Highly recommended."


Roderick Thomson

Director: classical artist management

Hazard Chase Ltd.

"I've been happy to work with Emma for 9 years at Hazard Chase. She's been an excellent colleague, always willing and happy to tackle and solve the day-to-day problems that arise in any busy organisation; that this was all achieved with a smile and an unfailingly positive attitude has made her a pleasure to work with."


Meg Davies

Director & Artist Manager

Music Productions

“Emma is a pure delight to work with. The breadth of her skills meant she could contribute new marketing ideas to our artists and projects whilst still possessing the attention to detail for proofreading and administrative tasks. Emma contributed not only to public-facing content for our artist’s social media but also designed and created B2B sales documents. Every project was welcomed with a smile.”


Damaris Brown

Managing Director

Artium Media Relations

"Emma is efficient, easy to work with, has a great knowledge of the classical music industry, and can turn her hand to anything I throw at her. She has quickly proven herself invaluable and has allowed me to keep business on track during busy periods. I am so grateful to be working with Emma, and highly recommend her services."


Lucy Rice

Director: classical artist management

James Brown Management

"Emma has many strengths and her ability to turn her hand to any part of your business is something you will find invaluable. Emma has worked alongside me for ten years at Hazard Chase and now James Brown Management. She is bright, sensitive, diligent, and multi-faceted. Every office needs an Emma."



Based in the United Kingdom

+44 (0) 7875 580647

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It is very important to me to ensure I am minimising my impact on the environment. Here is how I run my business in order to do what I can to look after our planet:

  • I am lucky enough to be able to walk to my office, lowering my carbon footprint

  • I hold virtual meetings as much as possible rather than travelling to meet clients

  • I am a paperless business. The increased sophistication of electronic document creation, sharing and archiving means printing paper is no longer always necessary

  • I use natural lighting and ventilation to minimise energy use

  • All equipment is turned off when not in use to reduce energy

  • I use washable, reusable face masks

Helpful tips to make your business more planet friendly:

  • Recycle materials including toner cartridges

  • Re-use office supplies such as envelopes and folders

  • Service printers regularly to ensure operation at maximum efficiency, and minimal adverse impact

  • Purchase environmentally friendly office supplies as much as possible, including soaps, washing up liquids and paper towels